➡SUPREME ASSAILANT FIT TIP⬅ There’s a new kid on the block. Well, not on my block because I’ve been hanging out with him like alllllll day every day, but probably on your block. His name is Quinoa, and his gender is male. Actually, quinoa is a grain and has no gender, but hey, it’s MY … More QUINOA


➡SUPREME ASSAILANT TIP⬅ The strong are conscripted, the beautiful are exploited. Those who are too plain to be noticed are the ones who survive by being left alone & safe. We must not accept the judgement of others as the measure of our self worth. Instead, we should live liver in simplicity. Yea, there are … More SIMPLICITY


➡SUPREME ASSAILANT TIP⬅ Once you’ve gained knowledge in training, instructions become secondary. If you constantly use health and fitness as extraordinary, then it remains outside your self (routine). Once you know it and recognize it, then it is yours and part of your daily life. COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS, CHRIS PEDROZA SUPREME ASSAILANT WEBSITE


********** ARE “HEALTHY” FOODS DESTROYING YOUR DIET? ********** DID YOU KNOW that even “healthy” foods can be a problem for some people? There are certain foods—and it’s an “individual thing”—that once you start eating them, it’s very hard to stop. For me, it’s oats. Sure, I’ll cook the 100% whole wheat variety and sit down … More ********** ARE “HEALTHY” FOODS DESTROYING YOUR DIET? **********