➡SUPREME ASSAILANT TIP⬅ During times of misfortune, vision and determination decide the outcome. Mere resolution never served anyone well. Observe carefully & try to act and if you find yourself tested by any situation, take comfort that misfortune frequently forces one to consolidate “ones” resources. Then you’ll surface stronger than before. So never be overcome … More ➡MISFORTUNE⬅


➡SUPREME ASSAILANT TIP⬅ We all have our own voices, personalities, ambitions, and tendencies with ourself. Your ability to distinguish them is imperative to reach a state of being. By doing so, you must be in touch with your true self and not by the Murmuring Sheeple who create a negative delusional outlook on YOUR own … More ➡NONCONFORMITY⬅

➡Do you really “NEED” a cheat day every week?⬅

➡SUPREME ASSAILANT FIT TIP⬅ …. Do you really “NEED” a cheat meal every week?…. I’m constantly getting questions about the conflicting recommendations from various fitness professionals regarding the use of Cheat Days, whether they are necessary or needed to get exceptionally lean, whether you can get ripped without them, whether you’ll get better results if … More ➡Do you really “NEED” a cheat day every week?⬅