If you are an Athlete OR unhappy Average Joe / Jane looking for faster results than the “NORM” in the greater EL PASO area, who wants to improve your performance, an adult who wants to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular endurance, have FUN when you exercise, or a combat athlete who wants to step in the cage to achieve an overall greater VO2 Max, I will guarantee your results OR DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

As the owner of SUPREME ASSAILANT, my philosophy blends ideas from the disciplines of exercise science, coaching and athletic skill development to design and implement protocols for athletes, adults as well as children of any age.

MY belief is simple: Show up and I’ll do the rest! Results are in direct proportion to your commitment, attendance, discipline and correct nutritional intake in following the guidance and direction of the program.

My diverse list of clientele include youth through collegiate athletes mixing with firefighters, Conditioning Camp participants, business professionals, Jiu-Jitsu and Full Contact Fighters and competitive bodybuilders, to name a few.

My training invites you to step “outside the comfort zone” of traditional programming and find out what it really means to TRAIN!


I welcome the opportunity to earn your business. On behalf of myself, thank you for your interest.


(Athletic Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Body-weight Training Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, Muay Thai Instructor)


Athletic based training provides a positive and challenging atmosphere for all levels and abilities utilizing a broad range of training techniques to develop all areas of fitness and athleticism. Unlike most so called “bootcamps”, the only militaristic aspect of the training program is the experience of the trainer and the training methodologies.

There is no screaming or yelling, only positive energy in our training. Everyone pushes each other to new limits through encouragement and competition. Workouts normally last 1-3 hours depending on the athlete/individuals goals, needs and wants. Interval workouts are a combination of strength, endurance, speed, and power using plyometrics, agility drills and focus on WEIGHT LOSS, MUSCLE TONE, MUSCULAR ENDURANCE, CARDIORESPIRATORY ENDURANCE and much more… Resistance Training is my other key component to lock in that missing link in a strength program. (PLUS, YOU’LL HAVE THAT BEACH BOD AND BE FAST AND EFFICIENT…. SO ITS LIKE HAVING BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!!) The remainder of the workout will be a light cool down with stretching.

During the stretching portion the instructor will go over nutritional advice and answer any questions students may have. Interval training is intensity based, so all level of athletes can perform the workouts. Exercises are scaled down to meet the needs of the individuals within the group, so everyone will be challenged based on their current level of fitness. Whether what shape or fitness level you are in, YOU may benefit from my program AND you’ll have a great workout where you are pushed to your limits.

Supreme Assailant has trained several Jiu-Jitsu practitioners as well as MMA fighters. MY specialty is a Program Design based on the demands of your discipline, including energy system development, strength, stability, flexibility, relative strength, power endurance and gripping protocols.

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