-Too many people wear designer clothes but don’t know the designer.

-Too many people own cell phones but don’t know how to communicate.

-Too many people drink tap water but don’t know that there are harmful agents in our drinking supply.

-Too many people go for the “hype” in trendy supplementation, when in fact all you’re really dealing with is a low level salesman who doesn’t have the experience & visual presentation as other TRUE knowledgable competitors.

-Too many people believe they can “do it” themselves, but risk damages of future irregularities to their psychological and physical structure.
Stay with a professional and stick to your day job/career.
(It’ll be less stressful, trust it, YOU’VE been there before, no?)

(…the list goes on & on & on…)

-In other words, ALWAYS reevaluate and reanalyze what YOU want.
And if the body YOU are looking for is ahead of you, then focus on attaining that strive of “perfection.”

Is the juice really worth the squeeze?!

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