If I ask a woman what her goal is, it’s almost always “I want lose fat and tone up”. Almost always…

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that’s actually TWO goals…In other words, you’re not all of a sudden going to have toned, defined muscles simply by losing fat.

You see, there are TWO types of muscle tones, MYOGENIC and NEUROGENIC and the only way you’re going to truly develop muscle tone is by exercising in a way that specifically targets both types of tone.

So how do you REALLY “tone up”?

Again, there are two distinct types of muscle tone; MYOGENIC and NEUROGENIC. Don’t get thrown off by the “sciency” words…I’ll make it very easy to understand. Let’s talk myogenic first. 

MYOGENIC tone refers to your muscle tone at “rest”…in other words, when you’re still and no movement is occurring (sitting, standing, etc). Myogenic tone is essentially a result of how dense your muscles are (i.e. whether they are mostly made up of “soft and fluffy” stuff like mitochondria, fluid, and capillaries, or whether they are mostly comprised of the dense, hard stuff like muscle protein).

And here’s where the mainstream fitness info out there has it TOTALLY wrong: High repetition, light weight workouts develop the “soft and fluffy” stuff while only lower repetition, heavier weights develop the muscle proteins and contribute to myogenic muscle tone.

Want to develop your MYOGENIC muscle tone? Graduate to the next size dumbbells and crank out fewer reps per set.

Fortunately, this same few reps/heavier weight protocol is also what develops your neurogenic muscle tone, or the tone your muscles express when even the simplest of movements occur (such as walking or extending your arm to point). For example, just imagine taking your sweater off at a party and everyone admiring your tone shoulders and arms…and they will, when you develop your neurogenic muscle tone.

Heavier weights put stress on your nervous system and teach your muscles to contract harder when doing every day activities, really bringing out the tone and definition of your muscles.


Doing high reps with light weight or body-weight exercises does NOTHING to develop either type of muscle tone. Honestly, I’m not sure where the mainstream fitness media got the idea that doing lots of reps and “going for the burn” is the way to a toned, defined body, but it definitely wasn’t science as there is literally ZERO research supporting that theory.







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