There are three main generators that fuel change— desire, knowledge and perseverance. When all three are activated, with enough intensity and duration, change manifests. This is helpful to know. However, it is equally important to understand that in order for us to embrace change, we must learn to embrace FEAR; 
FEAR naturally arises within us as we move into new spaces, and discover the new territories of our minds, spirits, and bodies. When we do not embrace our FEAR of change, the FEAR intensifies and overrides our generators—shutting down our transformations.
We have all experienced the power of the FEAR of change. Just think— have you ever set a goal and been working towards accomplishing it (even making some serious headway), when suddenly you start running out of drive? Your motivation begins to wane, and it becomes much harder to stay on track and keep moving forward. Billions of things seem, all at once, to be more important than your goal: “I don’t have time right now”; “the kids need me”; “my job needs more attention”; “my body is hurting”; “there is something special on TV”; “my friend just called…” the excuses go on and on. Always, something stops you from meeting your goal. Every time, something keeps you from changing. And what is this something? FEAR. Lurking in background, of all of our excuses, is our FEAR of change. 
It is important to clarify: FEAR is not a bad thing. We are all built with the ability to experience FEAR. It is part of the human survival system. Human beings are hardwired to resist change, as what is new could be potentially threatening to our current existence—what we know. For this reason, regardless of how miserable or unsatisfied we are in the present, human beings will resist change (the unknown), in an attempt to protect themselves. Consciously, or unconsciously, we resist transformation and shy away from the unfamiliar, because it makes us feel safe to do so. 
Transformation is an exciting and terrifying process— suspended in a groundless state, FEAR arises and change becomes possible. It is only through perseverance— a willingness to push through FEAR and hardship, and to let go of the excuses that pull us off track— that acceptance of fear becomes possible. 
Remember: it is extremely important to give yourself regular rewards for working hard, and to acknowledge your efforts and successes! Positive reinforcement reminds us that we are safe, and that we are getting closer to our destination. 

Identify, and explore, one thing that is holding you back from your goal. Is it FEAR hiding as an excuse? 

Which of your strengths can help you deal with this obstacle? 

How could you reward yourself for facing this FEAR? 

Go for it! Let me know how it works out…












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