🙋🏽🙋🏽‍♂️HEY HEY HEY🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽

I was thinking today how much of life we approach from a “BARELY ENOUGH ATTITUDE” standpoint. Barely enough effort, attention, thought, focus, kindness… the list can go on and on. Most people are in a perpetual state of auto pilot. They go down the path of least resistance – which for the vast majority means eating whatever and avoiding exercise – avoiding moving as much as possible. Then there are individuals who do take the time to exercise, but with barely enough effort. A half hour on the BORING elliptical, 20 minutes wandering around the free weight room, maybe some sit ups before they hit the change room. The thing about these people is that year in year out NOTHING CHANGES. They look the same, their strength, agility, flexibility endurance remains a flatline. They feel good about exercising but will never experience dramatic life changing results. Years can go by like this. Decades even. My point is that life is short and barely enough just won’t deliver you remarkable results. You can take a relaxed attitude towards your nutrition and your training – but you are going to get results that match your behavior. If YOU want the body, strength, endurance and poise of an athlete then “barely enough” is never going to get you there. It just won’t!!!
One of my clients couldn’t perform sprawls – but now has a better conditioning rate then most men do – she didn’t get there by “BARELY ENOUGH EFFORT”. These workouts are tough and it’s not an accident that if you go all in with your effort that they will bust your ass. They kick YOU in the ass and force YOU to focus down and train hard. There are NO short cuts, and you can’t do this on auto pilot. It really requires YOU to be present and in YOUR skin – aware of your body’s external and internal mechanism and the purpose of life’s journey.

➡️😁ATTITUDE determines ALTITUDE🚀⬅️




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