1. Make an effort in choosing your diet plan.Read, ask me, & compare. There are many “diet” programs that are available but choose the one that can greatly increase your metabolism as it is very effective in burning fats. Use nutrition and start burning calories & fat inside your body. Again, make sure that your … More ‼️HOW TO EFFECTIVELY LOSE WEIGHT IN 2 WEEKS‼️


Crawl to begin, Triumph to complete,  Renounce to leave.  (This is how you move from phase to phase in life.) 1️⃣FIRST, IS THE LEARNING STAGE OF MASTERY 2️⃣NEXT, IS THE PHASE OF TESTING YOUR COMPETITIVE PSYCHE 3️⃣FINALLY, IS THE CONSTANT COMPETITION FOR THE WAY OF A LIFESTYLE. http://www.facebook.com/supremeassailanttrainingfacility/ supremeassailant@gmail.com  http://www.supremeassailant.net youtube.com/user/supremeassailant http://www.supremeassailant.wordpress.com http://www.zazzle.com/supremeassailant   (915) 443-1278 … More 🔻🔻🔻SUPREME ASSAILANT FIT TIP🔻🔻🔻

‼️HAPPY 🦃GOBBLE GOBBLE🦃EVERYONE‼️💥💥be thankful everyday,not just today💥💥

…HERE’s a BLUEPRINT TO AN ULTIMATE TRAINING REGIMEN… 1. Focus on maximizing muscle recruitment. Muscle recruitment refers to the quantity of muscle you use during an exercise. 2. Circuit training methologies are an excellent choice. In my opinion, a circuit training workout plan is the better approach to fat loss. 3. In life if you … More ‼️HAPPY 🦃GOBBLE GOBBLE🦃EVERYONE‼️💥💥be thankful everyday,not just today💥💥


A poor diet consisting of excess processed foods, sugar & alcohol often causes a hormonal imbalance. Another of the many causes of celluliteformation is a sedentary lifestyle where there could be poor muscle tone & blood circulation.  Anti Cellulite Creams: Anti cellulite creams are effective in reducing cellulite, but results are temporary.   Rule 1 … More ‼️GET RID OF CELLULITE‼️


The negative impression being portrayed by media about being overweight does not help in lessening the burden of complying with the distorted beauty standard of the current generation. The slogan “slim is in” can summarize this point of view. The unhealthiest practices of losing weight like crash diets shouldn’t be encouraged in women. Crash diets … More ‼️REAL DEAL OF WEIGHT LOSS IN WOMEN‼️