🔻🔻🔻A H.I.I.T Cardio Alternative that Burns Belly Fat Fast🔻🔻🔻

Are YOU the person who gets on the treadmill and does a nice easy-paced jog for an hour?  

Are YOU proud when you see that you burned 1,000 calories in an hour?  

Bad news on two fronts…you wasted a lot more time than you needed to and you didn’t really burn 1,000 calories.

Cardio machines are bad at estimating how many calories you burn in a given period of time. Even with an intense workout, 500-600 calories per hour is probably the most you will burn. What’s the most efficient way to burn those calories? High intensity interval training combined with steady state cardio.
➡️H.I.I.T⬅️ =
Referred to as HIIT, (high intensity interval training) involves periods of maximum effort combined with recovery periods of reduced effort. For example, you may sprint for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute. The benefit of this type of cardio is that you have a significant after burn effect (EPOC) in which your body continues to burn calories well after your workout ends. You have to use caution in utilizing HIIT as you can quickly over train, something that doesn’t happen with steady state cardio.
➡️Steady State Cardio⬅️ =
Steady state cardio involves performing aerobic activity at a constant speed for a long period of time. It can have a valuable role in fat burning but only if you perform for long enough (1-2 hours). If you’re looking for a time-efficient workout, it should only be done in conjunction with HIIT. The great part about HIIT is that it releases fatty acids into the bloodstream. Steady state cardio burns those fatty acids. If you try to do steady state cardio without HIIT, it could take 20-30 minutes just to begin releasing those fatty acids. A short HIIT workout will flood your system with fatty acids that steady state cardio can easily burn.
➡️The Better Routine Involves HIIT and Steady State⬅️
By doing a workout similar to the one above, you can really burn a lot of fat. It’s a 45 minute routine but the after burn effect can really kick up the calorie burning. If you don’t have time for a 45 minute workout, you could simply do 10 minutes of HIIT followed by 20 minutes of steady state cardio.
➡️Not Your Average Fitness Tips⬅️
   1. HIIT is great for releasing fatty acids into the system and provides a calorie burning after effect.

   2. Steady state cardio is very poor at releasing fatty acids into your bloodstream but great for burning fatty acids once they get there.

   3. Try combining the approaches for an optimal effect: HIIT followed by steady state cardio. As a bonus, throw in some longer interval HIIT at the end to really reduce glycogen levels to let your body burn fat.




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