A poor diet consisting of excess processed foods, sugar & alcohol often causes a hormonal imbalance. Another of the many causes of celluliteformation is a sedentary lifestyle where there could be poor muscle tone & blood circulation. 
Anti Cellulite Creams: Anti cellulite creams are effective in reducing cellulite, but results are temporary.  

Rule 1 for permanently reducing cellulite – Follow a ‼️HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GUIDE‼️
Rule 2 for permanently reducing cellulite – ‼️EXERCISE‼️

P.S. Quit having attachments to food with your emotional void that you currently have going on with your life. If food is your outlet, then there are still some psychological issues you’ve got going on that you need to deal with. Rebuild to be Reborn. Eat to live, don’t live to eat… and if you like to eat, welllllll then workout so you CAN eat. Do so within reason and self control. 

YOUR children look up to YOU and YOUR eating habits. Set the right example.


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