Most everyone wants to know what the pros and cons of creatine are. Well quite frankly the answer may shock and surprise you. See creatine has been around forever and like anything else that has been around for awhile, a lot of misinformation has surfaced. Ever since creatines inception back in the late 90’s, companies have been at each other’s throats to get people to buy their version of creatine. Well have no “fear”; I’m not going to sell you any creatine. I’m just here to tell you the truth about creatine and the pros and cons of creatine.
First off, we need to start by realizing what creatine actually is. creatine is an organic acid found in meat that suffer to supply energy to muscle and nerve cells. Half of stored creatine in humans comes from meat and fish while vegetables and fruits contain no creatine. So it’s important to note that creatine is not some man made drug or supplement, it’s natural.
The main pro of creatine is that it is a healthy and proven nutrient. Not only does it have muscle building effects, doctors are also now using it to treat heart failure, arthritis, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease. Plus it has been proven in research for over 15 years. There are very few nutritional supplements that can claim that.
Another pro of creatine is that you can instantly increase your muscle size. creatine will pull water in your muscles and make you look bigger. This has a big benefit for self-esteem. What male doesn’t want his shirt to fit tighter on his biceps? When you look better, you feel better. Right⁉️ Of course I am.
Yet another pro of creatine is that there is NO kidney damage. Early claims stated that creatine stressed the kidneys and caused kidney damage and dehydration. Well research has proven that creatine does neither. If you are taking creatine then you should make sure that you drink at least a gallon of water a day. Most people have issues with creatine because they take it then work outside in hot temperatures and don’t drink enough water. Your body is pulling water to your muscles and if you aren’t drinking enough water then the creatine will dehydrate you.
Now to be fair, we have to look at the cons of creatine. There really are a lot of so called advanced creatine out there. creatine that promises faster and bigger muscular gains or a better delivery system. That’s nothing but lies and marketing. Everything has to be different or bigger to sell yet there is nothing wrong with regular, old creatine. It is cost effective and efficient. As a matter of fact, creatine monohydrate has been compared to creatine ester, which is claimed to be a better form, in research and the research has shown that creatine monohydrate beats creatine ester in every head to head category.
So what are the pros and cons of creatine? There’s NO cons only BIG pros.



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